Taxi in Budva is sometimes not easy to get, due to many visitors in the summer season. Since they are not allowed to park at the airports directly, you will often find them standing further away. It’s hard to tell the difference at first sight between who is legit and who is not.

Podgorica Airport unveils future plans – EX-YU Aviation News

Podgorica Airport unveils future plans.

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The company is unique in the sense that they operate a fleet of Tesla electrical automobiles and have a mobile app similar to Uber or Lyft. They are reliable and honest and not too expensive. And the most important thing is that they are honest – they don’t ramp up prices because your are a tourist. Taxi fares can be higher from May to October with some taxi companies at about 1,30€ per kilometer and 1,00€ per km during all other months. Some companies charge less and some more than that but these are the averages.

That price also covers all transfer expenses, valid up to four persons in one car, with drop of point to any hotel in Tirana city area. Journey also should be booked and confirmed by our side at least three hours beforehand. Taxi transfer from Budva to airport Tirana cost 170 € per vehicle.

Taxi airport Podgorica to Budva
A large number of satisfied passengers recommended our cheap Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Budva. If you are interested in why, book a ride and you will find out. We will do our best to meet your expectations and show our business.

Please pay attention that border crossing know to be very busy, and if you need to catch the plane inform us about that. We have chauffeurs familiar with the situation at the border crossing, and they can suggest best departure time. Don’t allow to miss your flight, journey takes at least three hours and thirty minutes. As I said at the beginning of the article, there is not a single online service or mobile application in the country that we are used to. Here you need to call in the old fashioned way or order a transfer via SMS or messenger in advance. The taxi industry in Montenegro is 10 years behind the global trends.

Not all taxis are white however, there is no strict color scheme. Taxi in Montenegro is still far behind the service level in Europe or the USA. Companies such as Uber, Lyft, Grabtaxi do not work on the territory of Montenegro. Our price of 45 euros includes collection, all taxes, departure to your address and Taxi transfer from Podgorica airport to the city of Budva. Tesla Taxi is a young and dynamic taxi company that has been on the market for about 5 years now.

Useful Phone Numbers in Montenegro

Don’t worry, our Taxi company use flight radar app tracking system to plan for delays or cancelation. If this happens, no worry, your driver will change the pick-up time to suit, and wait for 45 minutes once your plane lands. In addition, our prices are clearly and accurately presented on this web page. Before you check out our prices, this is how you can get a taxi at Terrae-Taxi.

Keep your phone to hand, as the driver will also be able to get
in touch with
you. Most trips go ahead without issue, but our help centre team is
available 24-7 if
you need us.

Our goal is to provide you with driving quality, simple ways of getting a taxi, and offer it all for a fair prices. So, you can know what you are paying for, and how much. Apart from Tesla Taxi, Red Taxi is in all likelihood the best overall taxi service in Podgorica.

Meet the People – Total Montenegro News

Meet the People.

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All of our vehicles are driven by well-trained professional chauffeurs. They will transport you in a fleet that offers the ultimate comfort, courtesy, reliability and punctuality. In addition to high-quality vehicles, there is also something known as “a human touch”. For us, theculture and the skills of a driver should not be neglected, moreover, this is what makes good taxi service becomes great. But don’t just trust our word, feel free to check out comments by our passengers.

Therefore, our drivers are carefully selected, which makes us very proud of the team. Podgorica has a lot of taxi companies that can bring you from one quarter to the next for a very small fee. If you need a taxi immediately, it is best to call. Not all taxi drivers have a command over the English language but all taxi dispatchers (the ones who will take on your call) do. Should you still feel insecure, you can ask at the reception of your hotel or in a shop nearby.

Taxi Podgorica

They are reliable and have a good price for what they provide. What is great about Sany Taxi is their fast-response customer service via What’s App. If you order a cab via instant messanger, you will have the estimated price indicated in advance.

And in Montenegro there is no single service that would work throughout the country with a single number. There are many small taxi services in every city and region. There are only one international aggregator here that have been able to combine several services into one.

Applications that will help you in riding Montenegro taxis

If you want to travel via capital of Montenegro, you’ll be able to visit old royal capital Cetinje, or national park Skadar Lake. Cetinje is cultural and historical capital of Montenegro, and its museums simply will fascinate you. Lake Skadar is a natural bird reserve, and boat tour on the lake are very popular. In Podgorica you can see some of the city attractions, Millennium Bridge, Wine cellar Plantaze, Temple of Christ’s resurrection etc. Than your trip by taxi started in Budva towards Tirana – Albania, continue to Bozaj / Hani Hotit border crossing, and to Shkoder. Taxi from Budva to Tirana city is transport which we are conducting at the price of 190 €.

How to book a Taxi in Montenegro

These companies operate in a competitive market and are rarely responsible for unethical behavior. Taxi drivers in Montenegro do not have the best reputation. Let’s find out if that is a one-sided view or if there is weight behind this stereotype. We track the arrival flights, giving you peace of mind that our driver will be waiting for you with the name-sign at the right time. Before your trip, we’ll email you pick-up instructions and contact
details for your

OK Palma Taxi

From any place at Budva Riviera you can schedule your voyage in our association. These are our official prices for local taxi services in Budva for 2022. Guaranteed tariff for all our passengers, both locals and tourists.

It will provide you with safe and comfortable transportation from Podgorica Airport to Budva. You will provide yourself with a good and cheap Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Budva and places such as Bečići Miločer and Sveti Stefan. You can contact us via our contact form, via e-mail, text message or phone call.

Their meters are always on and their English is almost fluent. Should you need an airport or intercity transfer from Kotor, ‘Boka Travel’ is probably the best company taxi budva viber to do the job. They have been operating for about 15 years and have a modern fleet of Mercedes vans and minibuses to bring you safely to your destination.

You just need to register and download the Tesla Go App from Google Play or the App Store. With a few clicks and swipes, you can order a taxi. The car arrives at the exact location guided by GPS – no need to make phone calls or send messages. They also specialize in excursions to the interior regions of Montenegro and neighboring countries.

But at the same time, there are a lot of illegal carriers in the country that do not stand out in any way. It’s cheaper to ride official taxis, but there are more illegal taxi drivers, and it’s easier to catch them. They are always in places where there are a lot of tourists.

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